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    synchronize cache is stuck!!

    Why would I change from 1.0 when that's what works best for me? I posted just to provide some additional info since my burner is similar to what the OP has.
  2. MilesAhead

    synchronize cache is stuck!!

    Just to add a bit of info, I have an HP Pavillion with LG GWA 4162b burner(HP calls it 640b) and version 1.0 of ImgBurn works perfectly. Version 1.1 though, I started getting the same hang on "syncing cache" as the OP describes. I tried 1.2 but it wants to format DVD+RW instead of just writing over it and that hangs. So I'm sticking with 1.0. If it ain't broke and all that. It is a strange business because on some discs and burn speeds (such as ProDisc DVD+R 16x) Nero 6 seems to burn more smoothly but at 8x Ritek Ridata DVD-R Nero wants to idle when changing from 4x to 8x and ImgBurn is smoother. Don't know if it's something about Nero drivers vs. SPTI but I'm just going with what works better in each situation. Anyway, with the discs I'm using(Prodisc DVD+R 16x, Ritek Ridata DVD+r 16x and Ritek Ridata DVD-R 8x) I haven't been getting failures at the end of burns except with ImgBurn 1.1. AFAIK the settings are left at defaults.
  3. MilesAhead

    burning cue files

    Hi. New to the forum. This is what I was interested in also. A VCD .bin image made with VCDEasy and burned with ImgBurn won't load in my DVD stand-alone whereas if I burn loading the cue file in Nero or BurnAtOnce it will work. I'd like to see bin/cue support mainly so I can eliminate any dependency on Nero Burning Rom(since it can break easily) and have freewares to burn everything with XP. So I guess this isn't so much a question as long-winded encouragement to add bin/cue support.

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