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  1. It was a blank, single layer DVD. The writer is a Dell one, 48X DVD+/-RW, shipped with the computer. It is a recent purchase (1 month) so I suppose that the firmware is up to date but I'll take a look at Dell's website. This is a desktop computer used for video work. The login user is a network account, member of the "Power users" Windows's group.
  2. If ImgBurn is launched in the "read" mode with a blank cd or dvd inserted in the reader, then ImgBurn freezes. I suppose it's trying to get some information about the media inserted and it takes time because there are no one on a blank media. Though after 2 minutes I stop waiting and try to kill the process but it doesn't work either... I dont' know if I'm the only one in this case. Here are some information on the computer : ImgBurn version : Windows version : XP pro My fix was to change the "Set program mode" setting in the "Events" tab to "write". With this setting the users don't have the problem anymore.

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