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  1. as you all know nero is not the best for burning dvd. I have made so many coaster using nero. and it does not take me 5 min to make a iso, I only have one harddrive. and i would like to be able to save the time it takes to create an iso to do something alse like play video games if cannot be done so be it, is not like i burn tons of dvds all i am saying is that it will be a nice addition to imgburn. I am soo with you on this Idea about ImgBurn it would be absolutely Fabulous to have this addition ,I have had Nero for about 2yrs (full paid version)did well before but recent upgrades are really of no use when it comes to burning DVD. I'ts nice to read a message with simplicity. Although there is the Legal mumbo jumbo Maybe ............just maybe" where theres a will there is a way"

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