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  1. cornholio7

    A question about Imgurn.

    a dvd rom can only read from a disc, you would have to buy a dvd burner to write to disc
  2. cornholio7

    Mono as stereo

    one way would be to convert your mono file to stereo by using this simple guide , using free software you can then burn your stereo .wav file with imgburn. i'm not sure that imgburn will do any mono/stereo conversion.
  3. cornholio7

    Mono as stereo

    the 'Display DirectShow Filter List' is showing fine in v , have you tried the latest version? Is there a reason you are using v , older versions aren't usually supported.
  4. cornholio7


  5. cornholio7

    no more updates?

    again, what doesn't work? what do you think needs improving? imgburn is pretty much a complete programme, if there was a flaw, it would be fixed
  6. cornholio7

    no more updates?

    what ISN'T working for you?
  7. cornholio7

    Where is the Advanced-> Bootable Disc tab?

    does this help?
  8. http://www.dvdflick.net/ can convert for free, properly, then Imgburn can burn it for you
  9. you just copy and paste to another hard disk. if you want to copy the files on that iso , try mounting the iso with virtual clone drive http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html
  10. cornholio7

    Burnt DVD wont play on DVD or Bluray Player

    you should verify your burns, the errors may show in the log
  11. cornholio7

    copy multiple DVDs to a Blu-ray disk

    no, imgburn won't do this. i don't know of a software that would do what you want
  12. cornholio7

    Delete Log and Graph Data Files?

    yes it is safe to delete them
  13. cornholio7

    burning 2 discs at once on the same pc

    you will need 2 dvd drives and 1 set of dvd files on each hdd just open 2 instances of imgburn.
  14. whatever programme you used to convert the avi, go into it's settings and find where it has choice of region and choose region free. you also need to choose pal/ntsc that is appropriate for your region.

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