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    Hidden folders?

    Thanks so much... I knew I've seen it, but was looking in the wrong place.
  2. burf

    Hidden folders?

    I was attempting to backup a directory (just data), which has some *hidden* folders in it. When ImgBurn was building it, it skipped all these hidden folders. Is there some setting that I'm missing, that will enable ImgBurn to backup the entire directory? Thanks very much for any help!!!
  3. Finally had a few minutes to do a test burn. Set at 8x, like my last burn... it went up to 6X, then down and up to 8X, where it pretty much stayed 'til the end. Avg - 7.4X... Max - 8X. The buffer stayed around 100%... device buffer basically around 88-92%, with a few short burps down. As far as the buffers during real burns, the device buffer is more active, often going way down quickly, and then back up quickly. Does any of this suggest anything to you? The WOPC you mentioned, would that suggest a faulty drive, or bad media? Obviously, I can't be sure the discs are perfect, but before this, burning around 50 from this batch of TYG02, on my old drive, were all were flawless... not one coaster. Then that CD-RW thing started happening... got the new drive, and then the speed problems. Thanks for hanging in there with me
  4. I'll never understand how people can use their computer, and not show extensions. I'd bet that contributes to all the trojans, & viruses, that spread around so fast, since people are just clicking on names. Showing extensions, it would seem to me, should be the default
  5. Just wondering, if there's any other ideas about what may be going on, before I ship this drive back? I just did another burn, this time set at 8X. Other than jumping briefly to 6X, at the beginning of the burn, it stayed around 4.0X the whole burn. So, any thoughts would be appreciated... thanks!
  6. Yup... genuine... and an old version of DT (3.47). Never have been any problem before.
  7. Well, back to the drawing board. I did a burn this time set at 12x... stayed 6x or under, the whole burn. I'm really starting to think I got a lemon, since this seems to be intermittent. Anyway... here's the log, and graph... Thanks!
  8. Sure it is Lightning... if I had it, at present, I'd do the same. The time will come
  9. Happy that it worked. I suspect the reason you have the winrar logo, for iso files, is because isos are associated with WinRar. So when you try to open them, winrar shows the contents.
  10. Thanks, volvo. I normally have it set at 8x, but wanted to test the new drive. My old 112D would always hit 12x, when I set it to max, but speed isn't as essential to me, as a quality burn, so normally I just set it at the speed rating of the media. I'll be doing a burn a bit later, and will try it at 12, and see what happens. Next one I'll go back to 8x, for good
  11. This whole thing of the iso file being a zip file, is a bit strange. I just found 7luj19uc.iso, at http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-67989.html. And it is an iso file, with an iso extension. Is that the file you're looking for? If so, don't open it in WinRar, just add it to ImgBurn (as it is) in Write mode. And burn it.
  12. Thanks, LIGHTNING! I always like the explanations I never burn with TMPGenc... always ImgBurn. So, I assume all it can do, is interfere in some way, and it's best to remove it... correct? You do realize this may be my last question
  13. Not sure if this will help, but are you using WinRar to open your zip files? WinRar will open iso files, so it's possible that when you're extracting the iso, the contents of the iso are being extracted, instead of the full iso itself. You might try going into settings of WinRar, and to the integration tab, and unchecking *iso* ... then try extracting the full iso again.
  14. There is a freeware app *Unlocker,* which will tell you what program is *using* the file. It can also *unlock,* or copy the file, which may help.

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