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  1. This forum and all members will discuss *legal* topics only. The words "file sharing" and "movies" when used in conjunction do not fit into this category. Sorry. sorry, as u can tel I'm extremely new to all of this but i really do want to understand alot better. is file sharing, such as lime wire, legal?
  2. hi shamus, i'm sorry to bother you but iv been reading alot of your posts and found them to be very very helpful and my reason for asking you this question is that YOU are the master. could u pleasesteer me in the direction of a safe file sharing program??? i already hav lime wire but i'm trying to locate 2 australian movies and cannot seem to be able to find either 1, please help me out. first time poster but long time reader
  3. That's how big your image is and so that's what was burnt to the disc. I see the hard drive is only using FAT32 rather than NTFS for the file system. If you look in the log you'll see these messages So I suspect that whatever program made the ISO simply didn't account for you using FAT32 and it not being able to create a file > 4GB in size - which is what a DVD image would normally be. Unless you have a specific reason not to, you should convert them both to NTFS. Just look in the XP help for how to do that. (Basically you run the line 'convert c: /fs:ntfs' from the command prompt window, followed by 'convert d: /fs:ntfs') hi there, i was reading your forum and wondered if you could help me? i'm trying to convert my d: drive from fat32 to ntfs but i dont seem to be able to. For many weeks now iv been trying to burn dvds but with no success, then i read what u wrote about converting my drives, so i'm desparately hoping that this will work, can u please please please help me to work out where i'm going wrong. thanx
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