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  1. Well when PowerDVD won't play them due to the BD-ROM thing you can use the 'Tools' -> 'Create DVD MDS File' feature in ImgBurn to create an MDS that can be loaded in DT and the virtual drive/disc will then look like a DVD-ROM.


    Open the feature up, add the ISO to the box, click 'OK' to create the MDS file. Mount the MDS file in DEAMON Tools instead of the ISO.


    I believe PowerDVD has no problems playing from that.


    I have no experience of TotalMedia Theatre but I've read comments from a lot of people saying it's very unstable and some say it doesn't even load up.


    Can you get a list together of all the folders in the image you've created and the files within those folders? A screenshot of IsoBuster opening the ISO with the folder branches expanded will do.



    IT WORKS!!! :)


  2. PowerDVD won't play BD content from a BD-ROM if AACS isn't present.


    Current Profile: BD-ROM


    Previous versions of DT made an image of that size look like a large DVD-ROM.


    Please someone translate all LIGHTNING UK! just said, PLEASE!!!

    The problem is PowerDVD, DT, something missing in mi Windows installation???????

    Tried with ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre with same results........two programs with same problem?

    Which program do you suggest LIGHTNING UK! to play the image made with ImageBurn then?

    Thanks for your fast reply on Sunday :)


  3. Mount your ISO, go into ImgBurn's Read mode with the virtual drive selected and copy + paste the disc info from the panel on the right.



    CFGT AF05I7C5AF 1.03 (SCSI)

    Current Profile: BD-ROM


    Disc Information:

    Status: Complete

    Erasable: No

    Sessions: 1

    Sectors: 12.006.688

    Size: 24.589.697.024 bytes

    Time: 2668:11:13 (MM:SS:FF)


    TOC Information:

    Session 1... (LBA: 0)

    -> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 - 12006687)

    -> LeadOut (LBA: 12006688)


    Track Information:

    Session 1...

    -> Track 01 (LTSA: 0, TS: 12006688, LRA: 0)


    BD Disc Information:

    Disc Type: BD-ROM

  4. Use ImgBurn's Build mode ("Create image file from files/folders"), add the folders of your BluRay disc and set the filesystem to UDF 2.50. Save the ISO image, mount it and try playing in PowerDVD :)


    Hi there!!!

    I apologize for my poor english, but my mother tongue is spanish :(

    I been trying to do the same thing without any luck. I have a full rip of a Blu-ray film which contains files and folders too. This Blu-ray rip is perfectly watched with PowerDVD 7.3.3304 (the last build to support Blu-ray launch from a hdd folder) and with Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre the rip is fine.

    Then I

  5. Ok, I tried with Nero using the same ISO image, and ticking the "use multiple recorders"...........result: 1 copy died in the middle of the burn process........so, I guess this method of burning does NOT apply to DVD :(

    Thanks for your time and patience.


  6. but I wonder what´s the point about having 2 dvd burners if you could only use one at the time?


    i have 4 burners in my pc, i still only use them one at a time , using the queue, thats my preference :)


    I still don´t get it........in the past I used to burn audio or data cd´s using 4 cdburners at the same time from the same image/mp3´s.......are you telling me that it´s not possible with dvd´s?


  7. it can be done with imgburn opened twice, as long as your burners are on separate cables and the image is on separate hard discs, i would rather just queue them up and burn one at a time , one to each burner


    Thanks for your quick reply cornholio7 :) but I wonder what´s the point about having 2 dvd burners if you could only use one at the time?.....and in my case, do i have to copy the same ISO image to another HDD just to make 2 copies of it at the same time? this is not fun.....:(

    I thought it would be posible just use the same ISO image, and tick an option like in Nero "use multiple recorders" and choose both recorders.


  8. Hi everyone, this is my first post and my first question about this wonderful program :)

    I apologize for my poor english, but my mother tongue is spanish.

    Yesterday I bought another DVDRW drive (now I have 2) and been wondering how, if I have an ISO image, burn it in the two drives AT THE SAME TIME..............I want to make two copies of the same ISO image and I dont want to do 1 first and the 2nd. later.....now I have two drives and I want to speed up the process :D

    Thanks anyway to everybody an to LUK for your time and effort and for your beautiful program.



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