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  1. zavlakas

    ImgBurn v2.3.0.0 Released!

    Thanks a lot....
  2. zavlakas

    ImgBurn v2.2.0.0 Released!

    Thanks for the update....
  3. zavlakas

    NEC AD7173A and booktype

    Ok... Thanks...
  4. zavlakas

    NEC AD7173A and booktype

    Hello... I recently bought a NEC AD7173A... ImgBurn identifies the drive as Optiarc... I tried to set the booktype for DVD+R and DVD+RW disks to DVD-ROM, and i got a failure message from the program... For DVD+R DL, there is no problem... Is it because this a relatively new drive or is it something else?
  5. zavlakas

    ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 Released!

  6. zavlakas

    ImgBurn V2

    Maybe LUK! is waiting for the anouncement of v.2 to be the #20.000 post of this forum... (With this one, we are at 19.998)...
  7. zavlakas

    Burning slowdown

    In the tests i 've made earlier today, the image was located in the same hard disk as the OS, but in different partition(Drive D:)... Is it the same problem?
  8. zavlakas

    Burning slowdown

    I made some test burns with -R media... Here is what i noticed... With v. Everything is stable... With v. and PowerReq off Quite stable with very few jumps With v. and PowerReq on Starts ok... Then a jumpy period due to device buffer jumping... At ~56% x4 speed is resumed for a few seconds and then the first buffer goes to 0% To the end of the test burn the speed is resumed to standard levels(x4)... This test burns are with the same ISO and the same disk... I attached the .ibg files... Edit: Media is TDK -R x16(TTH02 - R47ED) ImgBurn_test_logs.rar
  9. zavlakas

    Burning slowdown

    The settings for the two burns with both versions, are exactly the same... Only setting that is not on default is the buffer size(128 Mb)... But the problem is with the device buffer.... Could it be that this new option is not fully compatible with my Plextor(PX708A)? Should i disable PowerRec, that is enabled by default?
  10. zavlakas

    Burning slowdown

    Never performed a PIPO scan... Tell me how.... Edit: This problem is not media-specific... I also tried with TDK DVD-R x16(R47ED), and noticed the same problem...
  11. zavlakas

    Burning slowdown

    The device buffer is jumpy... Only once the other buffer goes down, very close to the end of the "jumpy-unstable period" of the burn... DMA is on, when using v., as reported by Nero Info Tool...
  12. zavlakas

    Burning slowdown

    Hello and thanks for the new version... I have a problem with burning speed with the new version... I have a Plextor PX708A, with the latest firmware(1.11) and i use TDK and Verbatim x16 +R media... The burning process with the new version is extremelly unstable... Going back to v., everything returns to normal... I attached logfiles and .ibg from burns with each version(exact same settings, same media)... Both copies are reported identical to the corresponding ISOs, by DVDInfo Pro... ImgBurn_logs.rar
  13. zavlakas

    ImgBurn v1.2.0.0 Released!


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