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    Speeding up Verify

    Reason why i asked is that i use this very nice program to burn ISO images created from a backup cron job. The windows client has to fetch the images (a handfull a day) over the LAN (sadly not enough local disk space to cache them there) and while getting them the load on the network goes up (and the rest running there gets slow). So i hoped that i missed a switch somewhere because for all verify operations i have seen the ISO and disk MD5 were consistent. So should you get bored someday, looking for some feature to code then maybe remember this one Until then i guess i'll have to upgrade the LAN to GBit to stop the customer from complaining Nevertheless, thanks for this nice free piece of software! Gregor
  2. Gringo

    Speeding up Verify

    I have an idea about speeding up the verify after burn: on Verify you currently read from the disk building an MD5 and read the image building an MD5. Why not build the MD5 on the image while burning it (while it's read anyway), so the verify has only to check the disk and is not delayed by I/O to the disk (or even worse: the network) reading the image again? Gregor

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