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    Burn ISO inside RAR-archive.

    i cant believe you all dont get the point of that... that would be the best function ever anyone have heard about "share ratios"? because of that, you cannot (or wouldnt) delete your rar files... but if it is a avi file or mp3 file, xbox media center do the job (btw, coming to a linux box near you very soon), and you can use your files without extracting it (doublin the required space)... but, if the file is a ISO file... no program in the world can burn it without extracting in the case of rar files, with 1 little DLL is possible to do that, but no commercial software in the world gives a shit to what users really need... not the case of imgburn though hard disks isnt cheap in every corner of the world... i know 90% of the world doesnt care about the rest of the world, but right now, i dont have enough space to extract my kubuntu iso file (i know i have downloaded a archived version errouneously but thats my real case), but when i've started downloading that, i had 4,5 gbs of free space (witch should be enough)... *sorry for my bad english, hope you all understands me*

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