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  1. jack

    Ban Kirk?

    Kirk, the bloody convict is just kidding you!! He's trying to hide the fact that he loves Cuntry and Western but doesnt want to admit it!!! Although you could post a bit of Nirvana or Pearl Jam for a bit of variation. Hey! How about some Chilli Peppers? Under the bridge is an alltime fave of mine. Foo Fighters are good too!!! How about some Soundgarden as well?
  2. jack

    User title

    I'm happy with newbie!! Can I keep that one please?
  3. jack

    Where the fuck is everybody????

    I was worried he might catch a cold or something...............
  4. jack

    Where the fuck is everybody????

    Why isn't that wombat wearing anything under his sowesta???
  5. jack

    Someone set this dickhead straight please

    Dont bloody tell him!!!!
  6. jack


    Too much cuntry and western me thinks
  7. jack

    For the Boss

    Fukin Hell!! You actually listened to it???!! Why didnt anybody warn you????
  8. jack

    Forum suggestion

    Perhaps you should just stop posting when you are pissed!!!!! Then you wouldnt have to delete when you sober up!!
  9. jack

    Strapless Housewives

    Are you A Bloody puff Kirk???!!!! Although, I think the orange dress would match my eyes!!
  10. jack

    Bush asks for permission

    I dont think he was asking permission, I think he was asking for help. Tricky things those zippers, especially when you are ..................(Fill in the blanks as you see fit!)
  11. jack

    Where the fuck is everybody????

    Been celabrating!!! England beat the convicts!!! Blu, leave my rep at DD alone you bloody convict!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. jack

    This ain't no country music

    Lee majors sang the Fall guy theme, heard it on the radio today. Class!
  13. jack

    Slow opening pages

    Very fast in opera
  14. jack

    Looks like it's raining in London

    Play starts at 11.00pm you knobby twat!!!!
  15. jack

    Its great to be back.......

    Just to make you feel welcome Blu!!!!
  16. jack


    If you look at the website the release date is tomorrow.
  17. jack


    Thats good enough for me dude!!!
  18. jack

    I'm drunk. WooHoo!

    Good night, you old soak!!
  19. jack

    Its great to be back.......

    Hi guys! Spinner invited me along so it's all his fault!!!!! Up yer arse to you LFC!!!

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