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  1. sas2000

    Disc Layout Editor configuration

    Thanks for answering, i thought it was possible because i saw this feature on another burning software. Thanks again.
  2. sas2000

    Disc Layout Editor configuration

    Hi, this feature works Ok in disc layout editor (Build mode advanced input), but when active is not possible to use drag & drop. Maybe it'd be a good idea to disable drag & drop within source/explorer panel (so no changes can be done to files/directories of computer hard drive) but allowing it from source/explorer panel to destination/burning panel. Thanks.
  3. Hi, i'd like to suggest a /CYCLETRAYBEFOREVERIFY switch something similar to /EJECT <YES | NO> switch, but to eject or not eject tray before start verification. Thank you very much.
  4. sas2000

    Galician translation for ImgBurn

    Thanks/ Moitas grazas, aburiño.
  5. I'd like an option to configure source window in Disc Layout Editor (Build Mode advanced input) to read only mode, so no changes can be done to files/directories of computer hard drive. Thanks.
  6. In Disc Layout Editor (Build Mode advanced input) i can copy & paste from explorer pane to project window, but i'd like to be able to copy & paste files/directories within project window too. Thanks !.
  7. sas2000

    Spanish translation totally corrected

    Thanks for your translation, but traditional and international are, or should be, quite different.
  8. Hi, i use ImgBurn to burn a list of folders / files that i select in Total Commander using these parameters : /MODE BUILD /SRCLIST "C:\BackupList.txt" I'd like to suggest you to add an option to automatically delete BackupList.txt file after a successful burn. Thanx !.
  9. Are you sure that ImgBurn will not launch ASKINSTALLCHECKER- , without asking or even notifying the user first ?. Thank you very much.
  10. sas2000

    Freeware to view ImgBurn .ibg files.

    @Daystrom M5 Is it possible to save user settings ?, because i'd like to configure BurnPlot to only show Verify Speed on top window, but it doesn't remember my settings when i close it. Thanks !!.
  11. sas2000

    Slim version ?

    Of course, but i'd like an installer that let me avoid AskInstallChecker- to be started.
  12. sas2000

    Slim version ?

    I'd like to suggest the possibility of a ImgBurn slim version, other freeware programs as CCleaner have a slim version (without toolbar) besides the normal installer. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds Thank you very much.

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