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  1. One thing I didn't know about WMP. Another one on the hate list...
  2. I don't think you have a proper meaning of what cookies are. For example, allowing javascript is 10 times more dangerous than having cookies from ALL sites. What is a cookie for? It stores YOUR preferences within the site YOU visit. For example on google.com it may store the fact that you want the results to open in a new tab. What is wrong with that?
  3. I just switched the work connection with the home one on my laptop and I didn't get logged out. So... many thanks
  4. Ahh, this could be the problem for me too, I didn't think of it. Thanks for replies.
  5. I'm using some beta build of Opera and I get logged out after some period (half a day, maybe more - without closing the browser) so I was wondering if any Fx/IE users experience the same. Thanks.
  6. @LUK Thanks for thinking about it. What about the rest? @dontasciime Don't think just for yourself. There are many different mindsets and needs.
  7. It's not always clear to me what have I added in build mode. Are those files or directories? Do those directories contain anything? For that, I wish all items would have standard explorer icons. Also, I'd like to have a + sign in front of directories which would expand them and let me investigate/change their content. Last but not least, dirs should have \ appended. Is anything like this planned? Thanks for reading.
  8. I can't imagine someone having 10 ImgBurn instances open at one time (though it's not impossible). Implementing a switch like /O (as TC has - use already open instance) shouldn't be that much of a problem. Of course there will always be the risk that a user has two or more open instances, but I'm sure advanced users (the ones that use command line switches) will figure it out in no time.
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