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    Additon to IBB files

    I have and Idea about adding this without changing the gui size. You add all this functionality to the context menu Like New folder, Rename Delete, Then in the main window you can just add . ( stay in the same place, of refresh) .. (go up a directory) Black.exe \home\black.exe (when you double click it you go into it. and what ever you drog and drop while there they go into that direcotory) Ok, this is the end of my Suggestions(for now ). Thanks
  2. dirio49

    Additon to IBB files

    Can there be a option in the ibb file that i can place file were i want too. Place files in different folder or maybe even a different folder that would not exist in the drive. for example currently [START_BACKUP_LIST]C:\File1.exe C:\File2.exe C:\File3.exe C:\File4.exe C:\File5.exe [END_BACKUP_LIST] Suggestion [START_BACKUP_LIST] \testing\haha\=C:\File1.exe (\testing\haha\File1.exe would be the output in the dvd) \testing5\haha\=C:\File2.exe \testing\haha3\=C:\File3.exe \testing\haha5\=C:\File4.exe \testing\haha\=C:\File5.exe [END_BACKUP_LIST] thanks
  3. dirio49

    Additon to IBB files

    Thanks for the quick reply what about [START_BACKUP_LIST] C:\File1.exe [2];C:\haha\fahaha\File2.exe This now is put in the output as \haha\fahaha\file2.exe C:\haha\2\File3.exe C:\hah3\File4.exe C:\hheh\File5.exe [END_BACKUP_LIST]
  4. dirio49

    Newbie Q

    Check this program out to help you pick and choose the files http://bttb.sourceforge.net/overview.htm
  5. I curious, found it while looking through the settings. Thanks
  6. dirio49

    Auto fill volume label with current date

    Already suggested and implemented http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=2697 LOL, you joined right before me.
  7. dirio49

    File - Verify -> NOT WORK!

    Yes, I can confirm it. Ah,LUK got to it before me. LOL
  8. dirio49

    Unresponsive scripts in Firefox?

    give us a list of your extentions and maybe we can help out. one that i know is very slow at least for me is Autocomplete Manager
  9. dirio49

    Confused About "Volume Label"

    How come if you put only at the UDF volume label, Imgburn does not show the dialog that the volume does not exists? But it does for ISO and Juilet.
  10. dirio49

    Confused About "Volume Label"

    Ok, I just tested it. if you only input only form one system then it asks you but if you have both, it does not. very simple just use the button that LUK has put to make sure that both filesystem have the same label. Peace
  11. dirio49

    ImgBurn v2.1.0.0 Released!

    Nice, thanks
  12. dirio49

    Auto-reply "continue" when file is in use

    Here are some more Access is denied There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination file may be in use. The file is in use by another program or user.
  13. dirio49

    Folders Only - No Files in Image

    i tried it on the C drive it works fine i used the open in the imgburn window not drag and drop
  14. it means, there is no disk in the drive. are you sure that the correct drive is selected?
  15. dirio49

    Treat Images Like Files

    i think that is good up to a point, but if it is at all implimented it should be an option at least for dvd-video iso. thanks
  16. dirio49

    ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 error on ISO build

    both file have the same name. you cannot have two files with same name in the same root folder. is like basically overwritting the files. that is not what we want , right?
  17. Here is the screnshot mounted is an iso of a linux distro and here the verify that shows that imgburn actually sees both dvds. thanks
  18. Not only for the changelog, but also for the code. Like if you do a small change, add or remove a line.
  19. HI, i was just woudering what version control software are you using, if any at all? Thanks. and thanks for the new version.
  20. Hi, I just want to know that when i look at the log if those setting are in effect. like 32k padding, for example if I build a dvd video image that has other files in, to know if those files are included in the image or not? files that not Standard. thanks
  21. Thanks for the reply. I asked because i wrote a small script once, and keeping track of what i changed in a version was a lot of hard work. And a lot of pain. At least for me a newbie in scripting and programinng. So I know the hard work that is need in order to keep track of what you changed and where. Peace
  22. dirio49

    ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 Released!

    Nice job, LUK and the betas. thanks, thanks and thanks once more
  23. dirio49

    ImgBurn V2

    LOL. I am doing the same holding off burning till the new version.

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