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  1. dirio49

    Suggested expansion of the About Box

    that would make the about box. too long and ugly
  2. dirio49

    burning VIDEO_TS files

    Yeah, Cannot wait ( when ever that is) thanks
  3. dirio49

    Anyway to burn data using ImgBurn?

    You need to create an image.
  4. dirio49

    DVD player in my van will not read media

    My DVD burner is a DVD+RW. Do you really think the DVD-R's work better than DVD+R's? If so I will try them. Thank You. Make sure that your burner can burn both formats before you go and buy the DVD-R discs. Because no all drives can burn both formats
  5. If possible to burn the dvd folder without having to create the iso for it. thanks tory
  6. dirio49

    ISO -> READ

    I don't believe there will be an imgcopy. do a google search.
  7. ha ha. i am just wondering. no need to get agressive
  8. well is i said in the last post, I only have one harddrive and is not very fast. it takes it about 15 to 30 min to create the iso.( without compressing it)
  9. dirio49

    Idea for the holidays

  10. as you all know nero is not the best for burning dvd. I have made so many coaster using nero. and it does not take me 5 min to make a iso, I only have one harddrive. and i would like to be able to save the time it takes to create an iso to do something alse like play video games if cannot be done so be it, is not like i burn tons of dvds all i am saying is that it will be a nice addition to imgburn.
  11. well sometimes you need to changes something in the dvd compulation and you cannot do this in iso mode or for example lets say that the dvd is small enough and does not need compression but you want to remove the ads and previews. if you create an iso you cannot do this. And you don't need to used dvdshrink. @blutach this still applies. To create the iso takes two the space because you have the folder and the iso and it take time. but when you can just burn the folder you save one step.
  12. I use Pgcedit and i would be nice to see in the log when i burn that 32k between ifo and bup is present and if is not maybe imgburn could put it for us. thanks tory
  13. dirio49

    Sony dvd's

    i think is the drives firmware that does not allow for that type of disk to burned at 8x
  14. dirio49

    ImgBurn v1.0.0.0 Released!

    great program thanks

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