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  1. DVDRipper

    DVD-ROM Setting

    I will leave the setting at DVD-ROM. Thank you all for your input.
  2. DVDRipper

    DVD-ROM Setting

    I have selected under LITE-ON tab "Change For: Drive (For DVD+R Media)" and set it to DVD-ROM. Is this the permanent setting? If so, how can I change it back to the original setting of Normal(3)?
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  4. DVDRipper

    DVD-ROM Setting

    Is Booktype = DVD-ROM the preferred setting? I have seen this mentioned in some postings. I have changed DVD+R from Normal(3) to DVD-ROM. Also I noticed that I can't change back to Normal(3) only to Normal. Is this the same as Normal(3)?
  5. DVDRipper

    Dual layer bug

    It must've been something on my side. I couldn't reproduce it with a second attempt. Sorry if I caused any problems.
  6. DVDRipper

    Dual layer bug

    When trying to write a dual-layer ISO image created with DVDDecrypter, a dialog box opens to select one of two layer-break points. I select one then press OK. I get an error message telling me that the program is already running. It then proceeds to write only one of the layers and hangs on finalising the disk.

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