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    Simultaneously burn multiple copies

    Hi I would just like to add my support for burning the same image to multiple drives. I have 4 drives in an external box and do quite often need to burn multiple copies of the same image. Ok sure I can use Nero but it would a useful feature for me (especially since the Imgburn queuing system is already quite sophisticated!!) Since my external burners are all on separate SATA ports on a Sil3124 PCI-X controller they are definitely not bottlenecked!! Obviously simultaneous queuing of the same image on my HD (which are mainly 2x RAID-0 on a fast Sil3124) would still put a bit of strain on the HD. It is very handy to burn 2x-3x copies of a disc in the same time frame as 1 disc (which Nero has done for many versions now). Thanks for some great software!! Bob

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