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  1. That sounds like what I wanted to do. Now, back to the question of disc to disc copying (yes, I understand about the files)--is this method a much greater risk of a bad burn, or just a slight risk if I have an adequate computer system? You are terrific--I'm learning so much. Thank you for your answers.
  2. I put the burned disc in D:\ and in Build Mode was able to use "Browse for a folder" button to get the Source drive just D:\ (it doesn't list any files on the disc), then my destination drive is my burner drive E:. Is that the right way? What do you mean the file system gets recreated? And if it is copying what is on the disc in D:\ to the blank disc in E:\, isn't that on the fly? I don't know understand the process--what exactly will ImgBurn then do? Thank you for being patient with a newbie.
  3. I'm still not sure I know how to do a simple disc copy. I used ImgBurn to burn a movie I authored and an archive of the movie files and an archive of some jpeg files (total 3.23 GB.) I want to delete all those files from my hard drive so I can work on another project. But if I later want to make more copies of the disc, is it possible to just copy from disc in drive d:\ to disc in drive e:\ using Img Burn 2.3.2? I can get Mode=Read; Source = d:, but am unable to get the Destination = e: I guess that's what the Checkmark "Add to Write Queue When Done" is for--then do you manually have to change the Mode = Write and start the burn, or does ImgBurn automatically start burning the disc in drive e:? Will it have the same file structure that is on the source disk (it appears to create one .iso file? If it is not automatic, is there a free program that will copy from one disc drive to another disc drive with one click? (I'm new at this, so I'd prefer one button click--or step by step instructions from start to finish.) If there is such a program that can continuously and simultaneously read and write with two drives, is it a much greater risk of a bad burn? ( I have 2GB memory and dual core processor, and so far, no problems burning discs from my hard drive.) Is disc to disc faster than writing to the hard drive and then writing to a disc, especially considering one has to monitor the writing to hard drive to know when it's time to write to disc? Then you have to clean off the hard drive again. Thanks for helping me understand disc copying.
  4. Ooops! I inserted some text within the Quote. I'm not familiar with all these neat features. Please read the quote, noting my added comments within it.
  5. Doesn't the VIDEO_TS folder have to go in the root of the DVD for the player to find it? It seems like you have the jpg files in a folder named Pictures which is in the root of the DVD and also the VIDEO_TS folder in the root. But when you say to put the parent folder in the source list, doesn't that put the parent folder burned to the DVD with two folders in it--Pictures and VIDEO_TS? So is the DVD player able to find the "buried" VIDEO_TS folder in order to play the movie? I'm sorry to be so dense; I'm too tired to think.
  6. I'm not sure this is where or how to reply? I deleted what was in this blank to type this-- After posting, I decided to go on and try another blank RW. I let ImgBurn do the formatting. This time the DVD+RW did play in my DVD player, and I was able to bring up the photo files with my computer. You said something about putting the files on the same level. What does that mean--how do you choose a level? Thank you for your reply.
  7. I have burned only a few DVDs I've authored & they worked in my DVD player. Now I want to burn on one DVD+RW disk a VIDEO_TS folder and the photo files (jpg) that I used in the movie's slideshow. I've already burned two coasters because I did not know how to do this. So, I want to try it out using a RW disc. The first time I used a RW, ImgBurn said the "Disc Needs Formatting", so I let it format before burning the files. (That DVD would not play because I used the whole "burn to folder" folder instead of only the VIDEO_TS folder--and maybe because I made other mistakes I don't know about yet.) Later I read somewhere not to format the DVD--to skip the formatting and burn the blank disc right out of the package. Then somewhere else I read that DVD+RW discs do have to be formatted, while DVD+R discs do not. So it sounds like the formatting prevents the movie from playing, but is it possible to use a DVD+RW without formatting? I have one DVD+RW created with Adobe Premiere Elements that does play in my DVD player, but I don't remember having to format it. If I have to nix the RW idea and risk another DVD+R, I still don't know which of the File System options to choose. ImgBurn's default is ISO9660 + UDF. Does ImgBurn figure that out for you or do I have to choose the right one(s) every time? The first time I used ImgBurn, I just selected the source files without choosing any options--I don't know which ones to choose anyway. The program said since I did not choose a Volume Label, it chose one for me. I'm looking at the Labels tab which has a Volume Label fill in the blank for ISO9660 and a blank for UDF. Do I put the same name in both blanks or what? Besides my specific questions, any additional information and help you can give me will be appreciated. I've spent three whole days trying to figure out how to do this--the more I read, the more complicated it gets!
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