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  1. What will that do? Will I lose any functions and will I still be able to use Daemon Tools?
  2. Only Daemon Tools Lite 4.30.3. Here's the filter information (heh, don't look good, does it). =============================================== Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 =============================================== Upper Device Filter: [None Found] Upper Class Filter: [None Found] Device: CD/DVD-ROM Device Lower Class Filter: [None Found] Lower Device Filter: [None Found]
  3. Well, it didn't work the second time. This time I also selected the ISO first and then inserted the disc, and got the same device removed error.
  4. For some reason that worked! But why should it matter when I select an ISO?
  5. OK, I installed it and it didn't help. Here's the breakdown of all the steps. After a successful burn, the tray ejected, I clicked OK, inserted the next disc, and closed the tray. During that time the status bar said "Device Not Ready (Logical Unit is in process of becoming ready)," but my burner was still listed under Destination. As soon as I clicked on the folder icon to browse for a new ISO, it gave me: 01:39:29 Device Removal Detected! 01:39:29 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... 01:39:29 No devices detected!
  6. OK, here it is. North Bridge Intel PM965 Revision C0 South Bridge Intel 82801HBM (ICH8-ME) Revision C0
  7. What is chipset under in that utility?
  8. Same story with TY discs made in Japan. I should also say that when this happens, the blank disc won't eject until the system reboots. P.S. Found a guy at Roxio forums with the same problem. Dvd Drive Disappears And Creator Locks Up
  9. It only adds to the log after a succesful burn, not when it can't find the drive. But here's from the most recent one. ; //****************************************\\; ImgBurn Version - Log ; Friday, 20 March 2009, 17:40:36 ; \\****************************************// ; ; I 16:59:27 ImgBurn Version started! I 16:59:27 Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (6.0, Build 6001 : Service Pack 1) I 16:59:27 Total Physical Memory: 2,094,396 KB - Available: 1,233,940 KB I 16:59:27 Initialising SPTI... I 16:59:27 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 16:59:29 Found 1 DVD
  10. This is probably not an ImgBurn problem, but since ImgBurn is the only program I use for burning, I'm asking for help here. This scenario can be replicated 80% of the time on my laptop. When I finish burning an ISO with ImgBurn, the tray is ejected, and I insert another disc to burn the next ISO. But ImgBurn then gives me a message about being unable to find a DVD drive, while the light on the drive stays on continuously. I have only been able to fix this by rebooting, which is obviously annoying and unnecessary. Has anyone seen this issue before? I am running Vista Ultimate and have Daemon Tools Lite installed. Thanks!
  11. Knocks


    I'd like to see CDI support for dreamcast games to retire DiscJuggler/Nero once and for all. ImgBurn is so fantastic, it should really be the only burning program installed on any computer.

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