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  1. barakandl

    Multiple files to single-layer DVD-R

    Most players will only handle mpeg1 or 2 if the files are just thrown on a disk and put in a players. Look into authoring DVDs or vcds. TMPGenc dvd author is good, nero's is pretty decent and simple to use as well.
  2. barakandl

    Read Rate Data Speeds and CPU questions...

    The disk doesnt have to to spin as fast on the outer part of the disk(think about it same number of revolutions but more data is going by) so it appears faster once it gets to the end.
  3. barakandl

    Can I Convert Region 0 DVD's f'or U.S. DVD players?

    The easiest way i have found to convert PAL -> NTSC is buy a player that can play both types! The other option would be to decrypt the german dvds you have then re encode the video files with TMPGenc DVD author. Then burn the new authored dvd. The re coding depending on your PC can take many hours if you want to retain most of the quality.
  4. barakandl

    iso image

    An ISO image is a single file that contains all the contents of a cd or dvd. Imgburn can take this file and make a cd out of it.
  5. barakandl

    Changing Focus Window on Completion of Burn

    After more research (and getting owned in War3 DOTA on a focus change ) The only time the message box given by ImgBurn changes windows focus is in a burn completed with no verify or anything after it. Just tested it on a 2nd pc and same issue comes up. If i do anything else with img burn its completion message box doesnt change focus.... weird My solution. Just doing a verify if im burning while games are being played in the background .
  6. barakandl

    Changing Focus Window on Completion of Burn

    Yes it happens if it is in the system tray as well. As an interesting note... If i tell ImgBurn to verify after the burn it does not do the change focus even though it pops a similar message box up. PS. Thanks for making such a simple non bloated free img burning utility! This is a minor issue and beats paying for / using a non legitimate version of alcohol 120% or nero (super bloated now adays).
  7. I like to play games in fullscreen while i burn dvd images in the background. My issues is that upon completion of a burn ImgBurn becomes the focus window and alt tabs me out of the game. Is there a setting or way to make ImgBurn not become the focus window. I poured through the settings but did not notice anything.

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