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  1. I was about to review Kenadjian's idea and decided to click on link with Xbox that I was having problems with. The link decided to work! I tried to fix this problem trying a few different ways, but did them 2 days ago and was unable to link up after rebooting. Now out of no where, I'm able to link up; unreal. Plus the fact a website that I had problems with just 6 hrs ago, with the "www." problem, now can be viewed WITH "www." in the web address without a problem. Guess, I'll see if everything goes screwy later on or if I did something to fix the problem and didn't realize it. Thx everyone
  2. olddvd

    What Does a Kiss Taste Like?

    Now that's funny.
  3. Shamus, Thx, I was able to download the program from your website. Now the question remains, how the heck can I convence my ISP that they're the problem and not my browser? Such as the blocked range of IP. Then there is still the question about why the heck I'm having problems with the "www." in front of web address' and me having to remove it so that I can go to a website.
  4. OK, I am at my wits end on how to solve a problem I'm having with my Windows Explorer 6. I am attempting to download the Windows Media Center program for my childern's Xbox 360, but everytime I click the button a new window opens up saying, "The page cannot be displayed" Now I've gotten persons from other forums to verify that they were able to download the link, but none have been able to give me a solution. Here's the link I'm trying to download from btw, http://www.xbox.com/en-US/pcsetup/XPSP2.htm I've got all the Windows security updates, I've run trendmicro's housecall, run norton antivirus, and Ad-aware and SpyBot programs and nothing worse than cookies have been found and removed. I've removed my router, shut down my firewalls, used my kids computer with XP, installed Mozilla Firefox browser, and even pulled out an old laptop with 98se on it to try to get this thing to download, but NOTHING WORKS! Now here's the other werid thing that's been happening for a month. From time to time I have been unable to link to websites because they had "www." infront of them, but if I removed the "www." and just used the web address to go to the website it would work. As a last ditch effort I called my cable modem company trying to figure this out and it's not a cable problem as my connection is fine and now all I can do is call Xbox and see what suggestions they have. I'm not expecting any resolution from them as I can almost bet something's gotten messed up on my IE settings somewhere. I'm hoping somepersons will be able to suggest a solution.
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    Now that's funny!
  6. olddvd

    ImgBurn v1.1.0.0 Released!

    Thx! Just one thing, when you try to update use the ImgBurn version it won't update to download the new version. Either way thought I'd let you know.
  7. Queuing feature? Ok, where and how do I use this feature? I guess I am just over looking it.

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