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Error I/O

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This doesn't sound like anything I can fix in software.


Device buffers jumping all over the place is a sign of DMA problem - but that does depend on what you mean exactly by the statement.


Does it just go to 100% and then back down to 10% every so often, or is it really going mental?


It could be WOPC kicking in as the drive discovers it's making a bad burn - only things are so bad that eventually it gives up and that's when you get the 'Write Error'.


Next time you burn a disc, show us a graph of the write speed via DVDInfoPro.

i.e. Click 'File' -> 'Display Graph Data using DVDInfoPro'.


How is your CPU usage whilst burning? It should be close to 0% is nothing else is running and taking it all up.


Right now, I can only guess you've got a faulty drive - or all your media is faulty!

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