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Automatic Blu-ray volume label

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I find really useful the ImgBurn ability to assign DVD-Video volume labels automatically based on the Video Manager text data, i.e. disk title from the VIDEO_TS.IFO table VMG_TXTDT_MG. When I'm about to burn a DVD-Video disk in Build mode, it prompts "I couldn't help but notice that you've not specified a 'Volume Label' for this image. Being the nice program that I am, I've gone to trouble of generating one for you!", and the label is automatically filled out with the disk title provided it has one.


It would be great to make the program even nicer by adding the ability to populate the BD volume label automatically from the Blu-ray metadata. Without a doubt, LIGHTNING UK! knows that the BD English volume title is stored in BDMV\META\DL\bdmt_eng.xml file within <di:name> XML tags. For disks with multiple language support, there cold also be a bdmt_spa.xml file for Spanish, etc. Seems like a logical progression of things to generate BD volume labels automatically based on this title.


Anyway, thanks for this excellent piece of software!

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