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Automatically Add File Hashes to Project

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Okay, here's a suggestion for an option that some might find useful.

I don't know how many users are as anal as I am about their file

projects, but I thought I'd throw the idea into the mix anyway, since

I think it's cool.


Whenever I plan to burn a file project onto a CD or DVD, I create

a file called 0.sha256. This small file is a digest of all of the

SHA-256 hashes of the files in the archive, and it's generated in

MD5SUM style. It gets burned to the disk along with all of the other

files and directories.


In this way, I can pull the CD/DVD off the shelf several years down

the road, and easily verify that nothing has degraded over time. I

also do an additional verification after transferring those files off

of the disk to other media.


How about a checkbox option to automatically hash the files in the

project and add the appropriate file to the project? It could be user

selectable as to format and file name. I used to use MD5, but I found

that SHA-256 was almost as fast, and appears to be very robust.


I know there's a snowball's chance in hell that this will get added, as

its application would have limited scope, and may require substantial

processing power and time, but hey.. one has to try.


Enjoy the day.





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