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DDP images and Audio CD?

Neil Wilkes

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I suspect the answer is going to be "not a hope", but I thought I would ask anyway.

What are the chances of getting a module in IMGburn that would write back a DDP image to a playable disc?

Also, is it possible to burn Audio CD with IMGburn - and if "yes", again wouldit be possible to have DDPi writeback to playable disc again?


I'm not looking to be able to create a DDP image - just write one back to CD and/or DVD


Any chance?

I would pay good money for this functionality too.


Thanks for reading

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+1 from me. I would pay for that too. Lets make it a plugin that can be activated by a donation.

Users will see the greyed-out plugin and maybe the one or another will buy it anyways.

The ImgBurn userbase is huge, I suppose...


The structure I see in a DVD-9 DDP (Folders LAYER_0 and LAYER_1)

built in Sony DVD-Architect Pro 5.2 seems to be quite simple:


CONTROL.DAT (32KB) starting with 01 02 31 10 00 03 00 00 00 F2 80 7F 00 18 D0 BF,

the rest to address 0x7fffh filled with zeroes. This content is the same for Folders LAYER_0 and LAYER_1


DDPID ( the only content is one line, containing the version number of DDP,

followed by descriptors, less than 1KB)


For LAYER_0:

DDP 2.10 DV2020OB00V0000 VVVMD2 0000001600193024 DV00 017CONTROL.DAT VVVMD0 0142969600196608 DV00 017IMAGE.DAT



DDP 2.10 DV2021OB00V0000 VVVMD2 0000001600193024 DV00 017CONTROL.DAT VVVMD0 0074169601626303 DV00 017IMAGE.DAT


and the respective

IMAGE.DAT, containing the image for that layer.


Size and content of this image does differ from that built by ImageBurn, though.

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