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SPLIP revisited

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how safe is it to go beyond 50 / 50 %


I assume as  I am given several choices I can choose any of them right? I am aware that the star rating etc, but the BLP I am looking at is 64/36


yikes, I know, just that's a natural break in the dvd It wouldn't be noticed while changing the layers.



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There must be hundreds of thousands (millions even) of burnt discs out there that aren't 50/50 and I don't recall people having said they were running into problems... so it should be perfectly safe.


Yes you can choose any of the options you're given.


I expect the drive would pad out the 2nd layer if truly required so they're the same size and therefore more 'readable' or whatever.


You'd have to read up on the DVD+R DL format and the various technical specs to really know what difference it makes not having burnt to both layers in a certain physical area on the disc. (I don't know the answer, sorry).

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