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Need warning popup if filename is too long/will be cut

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Occasionally  when I burn a set of archive files on a data DVD (with UDF file system) then I notice after an officially

succesful burn session that the previous burn was not that successful as ImgBurn pretends.


Sometimes long filenames were silently (!) cut.


What I would expect is a warning popup prompt BEFORM burn session starts with a message like


"Warning: filename "foo.....bar" is 7 chars too long and will be cut. Do you want to proceed?


Can this feature be embedded in the next release?


Thank you



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I definitely second pstein. This would be a wonderful addition to ImgBurn. You see, I have had the same experience as him in more than one ocassion. Sometimes, while directly burning files/folders to optical media, filenames are cut. For instance, if I use relatively long filenames, and I forget to include the Joliet extension (or UDF) or, in other words, if I erroneously use just plain ISO9660, filenames are cut. And the worse part of this is that I become aware of it only after the optical media is burned.




Carlos Albert

Disco Makberto

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