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IMPORTANT! - Virus Open Candy in their installers? O.O

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I wanted to inform me that when installing the Software "ImgBurn Free" from any of its servers, all antivirus installed on my computer I get a warning of dangerous Malware, the famously known "Open Candy", I said it contains a the malicious file. OCSetupHLP.dll "This file was opened with 7zip and is within their containers..







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Wow, wow.... >:p


Well, between and simply ask a question and respond poorly, in fact I am frustrated by the response I get, almost send me to shut up and not ask anything else. Alas, twice enters a forum Spyware with another Nick and when I sent a quick scan the PC first so they sent me to uninstall was the ImgBurn program for the same reason.


I wonder then, who is to believe?
To whom do I believe?


If your software is not dangerous, as some say, then they should inform people of Spyware to not say otherwise! :outcold:


I think you are doing things wrong. OpenCandy should not be in their installers and even less if it is detected as a threat by any Anti-Malware.

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It's detected as a 'potentially unwanted' (optional) program, hence the name you see there in MBAM's prompt.


Anything related to advertising is potentially unwanted. I don't want adverts every 10 minutes when I'm watching TV.


Uninstalling ImgBurn isn't going to make any difference, the file is purely there for the opencandy part of the installer and it's only used within the context of the installer.


I sent you to their website so you could see what you were worrying about. OpenCandy isn't malicious, it's simply an advertising platform for installers.

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Then you say that following the installation of the program is there a way (an additional window) where you can skip or uncheck the option of installing the Open Candy?

If so, I assure you I did not see this,or was not where it is.

The question is I have to turn off the Malwarebyte to allow me to run your program, hence suggest me what I should be careful with these programs, that is why I send the question in your forum.

I do not know if all the Open Candy are equal, because on one occasion a virus (similar) with the same name, I invaded all disks and each time you scanned with AV, I went out a warning that was to clean all files detected with Open Candy.


Sorry for the inconvenience

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