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retaining track/artist info on a burned ACD?


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i'm trying to make a mix CD with various artists to give as a gift, and I want to be able to have the cd play in a cd player as well as sync with itunes like a store bought cd would
i followed this tutorial and successfully burned a cd, sounds fine and the tracks are in order, but when i play it in windows media player or itunes the songs still show up with no artist info, no track names, and no album art. the only info I have is "track 01, track 02, etc" is there any way I can keep the the song information after burning it to a cd or does it just not work that way???
ive already burned like 5 cds playing around with the .cue settings to see if it would make a difference but i honestly have no idea what im doing wrong and i cant find anything helpful that pertains to my situation ): 
pic 1: the mp3 files im working with
pic 2: settings used to make the .cue
pic 3: what the burned cd shows me when i view it 

pic 4: log
(i used mp3tag to make the album and album art the same for all the files in case thats helpful in any way)





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That's how a CDDA (Audio CD) looks in Windows. The files you see are just for refference. The CDText should be though visible on a car player or a regular DVD player that has support for CDText.


For WMP there is a plugin that you can use. Search for WMPCDText.

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