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Converter of audio files to video containers?


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Can anyone recommend some kind of free software that converts audio files, like MP3, to video container files, like AVI and the like?  I'd prefer something where I can set a still image for the video instead of a black screen.  But something like an equalizer output that just shows random graphics in synch with the video would also do.



I'm looking for something like Freemake Video Converter, but that "free" software adds black bars to the video and a watermark at the start and stop of the video.  So, it's crippled, instead of "free."



I really can't use any kind of online converter because I'm often converting entire CD's, which can be over an hour.






Looks like I found something that works.  Something called Any Video Converter.  I had it already, but didn't think, given its name, it would do what I wanted.  But, on a whim, I tried it for this purpose and it works.  Even lets me add a still image to the video, which is what I usually do with spoken word CD's.  I rip all the tracks to 1 giant audio file, convert to a video file using a scan of the CD cover art for the still image, and then put all the CD's for, say, a book on CD, as a DVD Video.  Allows me to replace 5 CD's, usually, with 1 DVD.



Music CD's aren't prime candidates for this, but books on CD or Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas fit this category very well.  And, I can only play these books on DVD on a DVD player, so it doesn't do any good for playing in a car audio CD player.



Well, Any Video Converter works but it doesn't do it "right."  You cannot navigate to random points in the container file.  It plays but only from beginning to end.  If you try to jump around in the video, it just sits there doing nothing.  However, I just need these containers to import into ConvertXToDVD.  They do and preview so it should seem that they would work, but I won't know for sure until I come across a need to create one.

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