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DVD-5 VIDEO_TS in a DVD-9 image

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Let's say we have a VIDEO_TS that will fit on a DVD-5.  We add that VIDEO_TS to a job that includes some root directory folders that increase the image size from a DVD-5 to a DVD-9.  Where does ImgBurn "place" the VIDEO_TS?  Layer 0 or Layer 1?  Is there something in the DVD standard that says VIDEO_TS has to be on Layer 0 or start at Layer 0 and can expand beyond to Layer 1?



I guess it may matter depending on the size of VIDEO_TS and the size of the extra contents?  Meaning if the VIDEO_TS fits on the smaller layer, VIDEO_TS could go to that layer and the bigger layer for the rest of the data? 



I'm guessing Layer 0 is larger than Layer 1?  I know that one layer is smaller in size than the other and I just guessed that Layer 0 is the bigger of the two.  :unsure:




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