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Dell removes full height bays from tower models


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Well, now I don't know if my next tower model PC will be a Dell anymore.



Dell has removed the full height 5 inch bays from the latest iteration of their XPS tower model PC's.  It comes with 1 half height bay for a half height DVD burner.  As far as I know, they don't even make half height BD burners and that's what I need.  Even if they did make them, slim model external BD drives are junk, so I can't see internal half height drives being of any quality.  So, I'd have to get an enclosure and buy full height drives for external use only.  Plus, I preferred having 2 5 inch height bays in the Dell towers I've had before.  I liked having 2 internal drives because I had some old DVD-9 images that were split across 2 DVD-5's.  With only one drive, internal or external, I'd have to copy the parts from each disc to HD and create a new .DVD that way.  I don't think I have too many more of these split images left anyway, but it was easier having 2 internal drives for this process.



And I need BD drives.  I've moved to BD for a lot of my dual layer DVD-9 needs.  No more layer changes to worry about failing.



So :angry: to Dell!

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