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ImgBurn created 2 folders in the same directory with the same name

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I can't explain this one, but it was present in the .ibb file I saved.  So, it doesn't appear to be some kind of Windows Explorer reading the files wrong from disc.



I have two folders named Temporary Burn Folder in a root directory called Disc on a BD-R I burned.  These folders are supposed to be named 1 Of 2 and 2 Of 2.  I reloaded the saved.ibb file and the two folders are both named Temporary Burn Folder in the .ibb.



I can't explain this.  How can ImgBurn save the same folder name to two different folders?  :unsure:  Also, how can Windows Explorer navigate the contents when there are 2 folders with the same name?  I've checked the contents on the BD-R I burned and both folders are navigable and contains no corrupted contents.



I have to admit.  I'm stumped on this one.  :unknown:

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