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TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

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I checked out the domain, according to the whois records the domain didn't just expire (causing it to go into quarantine), it's point blank entirely inactive. Domain is offline completely, not linked to a server or hosting.

There's only 1 DNS record left (a SOA one, not enough for an active domain)

DNS Records for btrack.club

Hostname Type TTL Priority Content
btrack.club SOA 59 ns1.dns.nic.club hostmaster@neustar.biz 1598694981 900 900 604800 60

Neustar.biz did some dealing with them.

But I urge you to (if you can), skip PayPal entirely. The chances of getting a refund that way are close to none. Do a chargeback NOW, it'll hurt them right where they don't want it. A successful chargeback not only restores your spent funds, it costs EXTRA on top of the refund for the party that's getting the chargeback.

Too many of those can severely cripple one's reputation with payment service providers.

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I totally agree with Chv3rOn. Skip PayPal and go directly to your bank. They'll take care of it pronto! Some people I know swear by PayPal,  though I never did. Ebay neither. Take your time. Shop around. There are some really good burners out there besides LG. I only use mine to read as I posted earlier. :)

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