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DVD+R DL help


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I use build mode for a lot of things .

I usually just select the movie title folder.

This can Build to a DVD blank or to an .ISO on the hard drive that can be used with ImgBurn Write mode.

This will contain all folders & files in the movie title folder.

I usually rip a movie without it but many DVDs also have a Jacket folder.

That also goes into the .iso if the movie title folder is selected.

I've never had the Audio_TS folder cause me a problem.

It is usually an empty folder.

If it works better for you just use the Video_TS folder.

I believe only very old standalones need the Audio_TS folder to play a DVD.

I haven't seen one myself but there are music only DVDs that use the Audio_TS folder.

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DVD Audio might use AUDIO_TS but it's generally a series of menus that are contained in VIDEO_TS.  Very few DVD's ever actually took advantage of AUDIO_TS.  I've never seen one that didn't have an empty AUDIO_TS.  Nowadays, most new DVD's don't even have the folder in the root directory.  Which, as you said, can be problematic with older DVD players.  I guess their thinking is that, by now, you've already cycled out old DVD players by now.

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