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Elisha Borer

Error when trying to "Create Image File From Disc"

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Have done this step many times in past with no problem. Trying the first step of making a DVD copy where you chose "created image file from disc" but an error box pops up saying

"Using read mode  to create an image file from a multitrack DVD is not supported".  I don't know why it doesn't want to work on the disc I'm using. I have done this frequently in the

past with the same type of disc with no problem. I can take another disc and it works normally. I'm really green at this so pardon my stupidity. Not sure if it means anything but where

it says file destination it shows a BIN extension where others that work show ISO extension.

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Multitracks are not supported, as the error message says, by ImgBurn.


Is this disc you're trying to copy, perhaps, a DVD made by a DVD video recorder like a Panasonic model?  You will get issues trying to image those, too.


The only solution for ImgBurn is to use Build mode to create a new disc.  Drag and drop all the contents from the root directory of the disc you're trying to copy into Build mode.  When you add the VIDEO_TS folder for a DVD Video, if that's the disc you're trying to copy, ImgBurn will ask you if you want to make all the appropriate settings changes for you.


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