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Any negatives to increasing buffer size ?

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My IMGBurn is set to 80MB buffer and has been for the last 10+ years I have used it. I don't normally notice buffer issues but today I was burning to a DVD drive and BD drive at the same time from the same HDD and the buffer kept running out every 30 seconds or so on the blu-ray disc. I was burning the BD in IMGBurn and the DVD via my Bravo 2 PTPublisher. I realise burning 2 devices from the same hard drive is not advised, but this made me curious, given I have 32GB ram would increasing the buffer to the max 1gb help in these incidences when I forget ? For instance today I forgot I was burning from the same HDD (I use a drive pool to form a single drive letter from multiple HDDs, sometimes the ISO's end up on the same drive) and so once the BD was started I couldn't change buffer or cancel without ruining a disc, so I had to let it run with the buffer (default 80MB) going up and down like a yoyo which worried me a bit. So if I set it to the max 1gb just in case this happens again, is there any negatives to this and to leaving it set to 1gb all the time ? I only ever seem to use a max of 16gb of my 32gb ram so I have 16gb spare 99.9% of the time so 1gb poached shouldn't harm me from that point of view.

Can I do the same for the Build tool buffer which I use all the time as well ?

Just noticed in an old post from 2007 the author of IMGBurn mentions IMGBurn has a pause button, where is this located ?  

Also I notice my external USB 3.0 BD Drive is showing up as USB 2.0 in the IMGBurn logs, is this normal ? Or could it be due to the 10m USB distance I have the drive at (using powered repeaters) ? 


Thanks for the great software.



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I can't answer the buffer question (Typoed bugger at first!  =))) but I can answer the Pause one.


The pause function is a sub feature of the red cancel button.  When you press the red Cancel button during a burn, you're offered 3 choices: to Cancel, to Pause, and to Resume.  However, it is NOT advised to Pause a write function as most of the time, writing cannot resume properly and you've effectively wasted a disc.  I believe if you select the Pause function, ImgBurn tells you it may not properly resume writing.

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