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Multiple small iso's

Malcolm J

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What were the CD images of?  Audio CD's or data discs like some kind of software installers or game discs?  If they're Audio CD's or game discs, you probably won't have much luck copying their contents.  You can't do it without special ripping software for Audio CD's.  And some game CD's require the actual disc to run.  And if they're some like Playstation or other console hardware discs, you'd need the images themselves as copying the contents won't necessarily copy all the contents.  (Long story.)


If they're just plain old data CD's, you can copy the contents to another location and put all the copied contents to an ISO in Build mode.  If you have the space on a DVD, copy the CD ISO's to the image, too, as archive copies.


If they're not just plain data CD's, you can do like LUK said and archive the ISO's.  Then, you can use some kind of virtual drive software to load each CD ISO as a virtual drive for accessing.  Even if they are plain old data CD's, you can still archive them to one disc and mount each CD as a virtual drive each time you want to access the files on the discs.


You said the CD's are ISO's, which indicates they probably aren't Audio CD's or console game discs.

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