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Changing the DVD structure


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First off, I want to say what a great program Imgburn is. Being able to run it from a batch file enables me to have it run automatically through a scheduled task for my backups...very handy.


I was wondering if there is a way to change the location that files get placed to when burned onto a DVD with imgburn. I have multiple sources and want to be able to separate these on the DVD for clarity.


For example. Say I have a W: folder that has 20 folders inside it that I want put on a DVD. I also have an X: folder which I want one folder from there to be put onto the same DVD.


The problem is I don't want all the folders to be put on the root of the DVD. Instead I would like all the folders from W: to go inside a Website folder and the folder from X: to go inside an FTP folder. So that the DVD structure would look like this:




-> 20 folders


-> 1 folder


Is this possible?


Thanks in advance,


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At present, you can't create additional folders within the build process - don't know if it's on LUK!'s to do list.


You would presently need to already have the "website" files inside a folder named as such and the "ftp" files similarly inside an "ftp folder.





Then instead of adding the files, you add the folders. This will of course add all the files within these folders which may or maynot be an issue for you.


If rearranging your files as such permanently is not an option, then i guess you could have the Website & FTP directories setup and within the batch file move the necessary files to the directories, build and burn, then move them back out to their original locations (or copy them there, and delete afterwards, leaving originals safely in their normal locations).

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