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ImgBurn Settings: Build, Folders, Root Content


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Firstly THANKS to LUK! for this great program.


I have read through the last fifteen pages or so- I am trying to create a CD/RW that has files (and folders). When I try to include only the main folder (as a single folder), the burn works but creates an entire (folder) tree structure with all preceding folders. I checked the Tools --> Settings --> Build tab, and the "Don't Prompt Root Content" is NOT checked. Of course I tried everything else I could think of.


All I want to do is to copy one folder on to a CD with everything in that folder (below) to the root directory of the CD.


I have tried this four times with all combinations of settings. I always get the following:


Trying to get single folder F7G --> CD(RW) from this tree


C:\FoldA\FolderB\FolderC....\FolderF\F7G\Files1...Files7 and Dir1 Dir2 Dir3


Instead of X:\Files1..Files7 and Dir1 Dir2 Dir3 [This is what I want!]


I get X:\FoldA\FolderB\FolderC....\FolderF\F7G\Files1...Files7 and Dir1 Dir2 Dir3



I used to use Nero because it kept he file dates the same, whereas the XP Explorer would change the file dates/times to current.


I noticed that ImgBurn had the capability to burn files, with the option to keep the date/times and thought this GREAT program would now have 1001 uses (for me!)


The first time I tried this I remember a pop-up alert asking if the file folder contents should be in the root (or something like that), I replied yes, but I don't get that prompt anymore.


Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.





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Thanks for the quick reply.


Do you have 'Preserve Full Paths' selected?


If so, uncheck it.




In the Tools --> Settings --> General --> Advanced box

the Create MDS - Preserve Full Pathnames is NOT checked.


I couldn't find any other reference in the Settings.




EDIT: Sorry- I see it now in the Options. Thanks again!!

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