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Today I spent some time in testing this great program and i have to say 'well done LUK' :)


I tried to make my weekly backup with ImgBurn and i noticed few things:


1.DVD no1


Misc data - one 2.3GB file + ~2000 very small ones [various source code, most of them under 1kb], 4.2GB total

UDF filesystem v1.02 / DVD+R Verbatim 16x [i am not sure about exact series/other data, i use this type of media for long time without any issues] / 8x write speed

Disc was finished in just under 8min without warnings


After writing I tried to copy whole content from DVD to my HDD to check that all files are readable [this was important backup]

Copy time was way too long - 40min total


Then i tried to burn same compilation [same settings] with Nero 8.2.8 and copy time was around 25min

After that, i transfered compilation on my laptop and burned from there 2 discs, one with nero and one with imgburn [same data noticed above ofc].

Copy times was similar to ones from 1st measure [42min for disc from imgburn and 26min from nero]

Also, during transfer from imgburn's disc i noticed strange 'clack-clack' sounds from DVD drive. (similar sound to one when you trying to read damaged disc)


Did someone have any idea about this?


2.DVD no2


Large files - 6x700mb files :pirate: well, my vacation videos you know.. :)

ISO9660+UDF / relaxed restrictions / same media as DVD1 / 8x write speed


Disc finished in time, no errors


Time to copy to HDD - 11min [as you can see, i become pretty paranoid after 1st DVD (1st 4 to be more acurate lol)]


3.DVD no3


DVD film - few large 1gb and some small files


Same as DVD2, no problems at all




ImgBurn is great program, lightweight, easy to use, portable

Ofc, there is room for improvements.


-Maybe you should to implement some sort of folder structure editor/more usable file browser in build mode.


Consider this fairly common scenario: User want to create few folders on DVD structure and put various files from his HDD into them without creating those structures on HDD. With this build mode implementation in v2.4 i dont know how to do that.



I'll continue to use ImgBurn and, if some of suggestions above find place in some future release, ImgBurn will totally replace Nero on my PC :)


P.S. Off topic question. Can someone closely explain red marked options on picture. I suppose what they are but i am not sure



P.P.S. Sorry for long post and sorry for my terrible English <3




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Copy time was way too long - 40min total


What was your read speed set to? You can change it ya know...


Well, i just drag'n'drop all folders from DVD on my desktop [windows explorer] and measured time to copy all contents

Anyway, this was same as i done with discs burned with nero and discs i burned later


DMA is on as always


Ty for help m8

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Regarding that second picture:


"Preserve Full Pathnames" means that when ticked, the file structure is copied to the disc. eg a file called 'test.jpg' in 'My Documents'. With this option on, the structure would be E:\Documents and Settings\Jason\My Documents\test.jpg. If it was off, you would get E:\test.jpg.


"Recursive Subdirectories" means that when ticked, if a folder is added, all folders in that folder will be added too. If unticked, it will only add the files in that folder.


"Include hidden files" means that if there are any hidden files in those folders, if ticked, will include them, if not, they won't be added.


"Include System Files" means that system files like 'ntoskrnl.dll', 'kernel32.dll', 'gdi32.dll', and 'user32.dll' will be included. Ticked will include them, unticked won't include them.


I am not too sure on the archive files attribute, you could google it.


Hope this helps. :thumbup:

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Archive is easy - each file has an archive attribute. When a file is modified, the archive bit is set. So, you can backup only modified files by selecting only those with the archive bit set.



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when you burn disc make sure to verify, also after you burn and then drag or copy disc folders to desktop your using Explorer not ImgBurn and windows hates lots of folders with small files better option to just use verify, You should also be checking for DMA issues if the disc you tried to copy contents from using explorer is dodgy as it might have knocked you into PIO mode.


If it's simply because of the lots of folders and lots of nestled files and you always want to copy contents back to PC to verify and say the time is always high because of this, you might find it quicker to read the disc to an ISO then get Winrar to extract it to folder etc (it might be quicker)

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Thanks for clarification regarding program options.

Just as i supposed but i was confused because options 'include hidden/system/subfolders' should be turned on by default IMO.



I know about issues with copying many small files but in this case i expected 20-25min for whole disc (something similar to disc burned with nero)


I am just curious about differences between this two programs regarding UDF burning (i know that UDF system is well defined by standards so i expect any software to burn exactly same copies)


Thanks for your answers :)

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The UDF spec has nothing to do with the physical layout of files on the disc.


When you copy loads of files over, I've never actually taken the time to see how windows does it.


i.e. an entire branch at a time or level by level.


Both are possible by ImgBurn so take your pick as to how you want the disc to be laid out.

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When you copy loads of files over, I've never actually taken the time to see how windows does it.


Well, as i said, i wanted to test ImgBurn by applying some common scenario like restoring backup from DVD.


Just for the record, all files are perfectly readable so ill use ImgBurn for my next backups :)


BTW, i just found one important aspect of ImgBurn: full unicode support for file names! well done



This is very important feature often overlooked in other burning programs (ppl outside of English speaking area often have to deal with filenames written in their native language/letters)


FYI, Nero can't do this :P KEK


In addition, those files are unusable. when you try to open/copy them you got:



P.S. I noticed very active community around this project so i predict great future to ImgBurn :)

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btw, do not pass over what others have said.


Doing a simple file copy to check your backups is not as good as the built in Verify function.


The verify tests every sector is readable (i.e. same as a file copy) but it also checks the actual data in the file matches what it's supposed to be.

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