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What's The Point?--Can't View ISO Files Burned or Not!

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Different situations require different actions...


I will check with a few audios MP3 songs, that should be quick.


You can't just plop a couple of MP3's into a folder and create an ISO to burn, it won't work. You have to create a special cue to burn these files. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5555


At this point I think discussing what an ISO is and what it does is pretty useless, but it would be better to know when you need one or could use one and when an ISO doesn't apply...


When I see "movie dwnld offers", there's no mention that I recall, of ISO files & the need to burn.

I presume these are uncondensed movies & the user who paid for the dwnld would expect high quality, how is all the track material distributed in such cases?


In most instances downloads come in the avi format because it is a compressed file for easy download. Some standalone players are capable of playing these files with no other action needed from the user other than burning the file to a disc. In other cases you need to convert the avi to a DVD compliant format with your choice of tools. ConvertXtoDVD will give you a VIDEO_TS folder which you can burn directly to disc in build mode. DVD Flick gives you the choice of creating a VIDEO_TS folder or an ISO image for burning at completion of the project. You can create an ISO from the VIDEO_TS folder or simply burn directly to disc. But really this is out of the scope of this forum, how you obtain the files and what you do with them up until you are ready to burn them is really not our concern.


but if I had data files & wished to burn & convert to ISO would I not use the same selection?



If you just want to burn some data, say some pictures, then place the pictures into a folder and burn them to a disc in build mode. Again the choice of creating an ISO and then burning to a disc is entirely up to you.

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