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Base File Differences - Current Version:

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Below you'll find the 'differences' reports (made in Beyond Compare) so you can see what has been added/changed/removed between versions.


It's very important that you look at them carefully and use them to pick up on where the existing text for items has been edited. The reason being, the DKLang program only makes totally new (or deleted) entries obvious.


If I add a new item to an existing combobox and you don't pick up on it, you could make bad things happen!


You must make the changes in the correct order - so if you're updating a language file based on v1.0.0.5 and the current base file version is v1.0.0.7, you need to apply the changes from the v1.0.0.6 report before then moving on to do the ones in v1.0.0.7.


If you're having a hard time understanding what I mean, please make a new thread in this forum. :)

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I've gone for a new numbering system that matches the program version.


If you make tweaks to your file after its initial release, just bump up the last number.


i.e. would become

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