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Thai Language file (more translation in Thai)


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In your honest opinion, is this better / more complete than the one on the website?


Last time I looked at it, the other one still had loads of English stuff in it.


:oI said "More" not "better" .

I see setting menu of application for comparison of translated.


:wacko: I've downloaded lng file from the main page and found many untranslated phrases.

example for basic phrases:

-Cancel, Resume, Refresh,


-Full, Copy, Change For, Change Regional Code,

-Set 'Disc ID' to that of the current media,

-Expand All, Collapse All, Building Image Tree..., Current Item ,Status Text, Skip Image,

-Open containing folder, Write Queue, Browse for a file... (Ins), Queue Information,

-Apply settings to the selected images, Apply *All* settings to the selected images,

-Apply 'Write Speed' Setting To Selected,





:innocent: About my translated lng file and my fool.

I sent my file to your supportive mail about a week ago before Thai language file on this site is available.



:/ About Load of English stuff

What I leave in english :

-Technical terms (should not translate to Thai because it will be comic) and

-I don't know their meaning.


:( I am sorry if my estimate complete percentage is greater than you see.

I just want to help some Thai people not to replace major original translator.

:& How to delete my attachment from this topic?

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frmSettings -> GENERAL_ShutdownAction.Items needs fixing in your one.


The base file has 7 entires, yours only has 6.


Please note that GENERAL_ShutdownAction.Text MUST match one of the entries in GENERAL_ShutdownAction.Items *exactly*




The 'pinned' topic in this forum about 'base file differences' should be used to spot problems like this.

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