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  1. Nice to hear that Regards.
  2. dontasciime I dont think that my english is good enough to understand your sentence. Really, but never mind. I dont need any credits, i just need decent peace of software Good job guys!!
  3. Was my idea on a list too?
  4. So because of me there will be a new version ?
  5. It is possible, for example bootable Microsoft Vista DVds which are delivered with company like Dell...
  6. Hello, I am trying to create bootable dvd image. file which i want to include on that dvd is greater than 4GB , so i have to use udf. when i am choosing udf, and then i am checking create bootable dvd and i am giveing file to boot, it say : Cannot add file to image ! bla, bla, bla ISO9660 Limit : 4,294..... Reason: File size exceeds the limit imposed by the ISO9660 File system. but i chose UDF file system.... P.S. when i uncheck : Make Image Bootable i am able to create image. What can i do?
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