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  1. well what else am I going to do for the time? haha Thank you blutach, I"ll try that out.
  2. nope, same discs as the first were burned on. But thanks for the advice, I'll definatley check that out
  3. Well.... there's definatley something wrong. Alright. Now, I've read forum upon forum of help and FAQ's about this error message. The dreaded dreaded error message. Apparently there's nothing we can do for my poor little non-burning computer, but I beg to differ considering it was burning fine last week. Well, not on ImgBurn, but on DVDFab Premium. When that program started to fail me I decided to turn to ImgBurn but uh... it's failing me too. I'll assume the same problem that caused the problem in DVDFab is the same one in ImgBurn. Does anyone have anyone have any suggestions for me? Apparently there's some freeware out there that's supposed to scan for something or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated I've wracked my brain for the past 6 hours and it's not doing me too good. Thanks in advance, much appreicated.
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