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  1. Might be that another program is locking the burner.


    Can you post the stuff you see in the log window when you try to burn that folder?



    Hi, I am still diagnosing the problem and will change the PC/burner but burn the same DVD folder with the ImgBurn. Do you know how to check or test whether another program is locking the burner or not in the Win XP?

  2. burn = good disc............maybe


    burn + verify = good disc ...............YES


    if drive opens AND closes after burn , verify will tell you if disc = good or bad .

    if drive no open after burn, then Verify will tell you disc is good anyway, but not tell proper truth :thumbup:


    Nero just tell you it a good burn anyway without checking = waste of time, no good



    Big boss man win me with typing faster :whistling:


  3. Not being funny but are you trying to windup people, congratulations you have fmo. :P


    Do you mean the burn has been completed and the disc is playable once the disc is first time ejected


    Maybe. How do I know or more importantly how will you know if the disc is worth keeping as you have not verified it.


    Your comments are not necessarry about no need to eject. It's there live with it. You have been told how to stop it now lets move on.


    Burn disc + verify = play [100%]


    Burn disc - verify = ?????????

    Maybe what? You have not known what is good at all.

  4. Tools -> Settings -> Write -> Cycle tray before verify


    I just hope you understand that turning this option off isn't going to solve anything if your drive is constantly burning discs that it can't read back once they've been ejected.

    Thanks for the instructions. I understand what you said. But, I just do not understand why the disc should be ejected one time before operation completed. Can't the ImgBurn check or read the disc without ejection before the end of the operation or it will affect the burn quality? What is the difference in checking the disc between the disc ejection and without disc ejection? What burning effect will be on such a difference? Can you explain it?

  5. Coody,


    The problem you're having is the very reason I make ImgBurn eject the disc before it verifies.


    It's to catch problems where the drive cannot re-initialise the disc.


    You wouldn't have known that the drive couldn't read the disc if ImgBurn didn't eject it in the first place. Surely you must agree it's better to know about that kind of issue at the time of burning rather than when you've potentially deleted the files you backed up on the 'unreadable' disc?!


    As for erasing / formatting before burning... well ImgBurn does that already.

    Ok, I never known there is an option to disable it. I think it is necessary to disable it if I burn the disc with a laptop because the laptop is usually unable to automatically close the drive after the disc has been ejected. As a result, the burn is interrupted unless the user can push the drive in as quickly as possible. If the ejection is for the drive checking the disc readable, why can't the ImgBurn just display an error message such as

  6. Hi, I tested it two times differently. Is there option Write image file to hard drive, by the way? I do not want to waste my disc while testing copy Divx disc to the disc. I want to copy it to the hard drive first and see whether it is playable or not. The following is the test results.


    1) I inserted the source Divx disc into the laptop DVD burner and the blank disc in the external drive.


    After completing synchronizing 100%, the blank disc was ejected without successful message.


    The error message was

  7. Hi, I dwnloaded the latest version of the ImgBurn. The starting screen is clearer than the old version that I was ever confused by the selection of the Mode. Because I wanted to copy a Divx disc, I selected Write files/folders to disc. When Writing Sectors was completed at 100% as file finished, the disc still run a long time as Synchronising Cache

  8. Hi, I did not make the image first but tried to copy from disc to disc (with two burners) by selection of the build mode and device output. It failed two times that resulted in two DVDR are not usable. Now you suggested copying the Divx disc movie to the HDD first and then burning it to the disc, right? Let me ask an additional question. I think the most confusion for the ImgBurn is the Mode selection. There are five options, Read, Build, Write, Verify, and Discovery. Can you explain how to correctly select those five different modes?

  9. Hi, I used two DVD drives (one is external) to copy a Divx disc. I selected Build mode and Output Device after adding all .avi files by browsing. When copy was completed at 100%, the disc was rejected without successful message and music. I did not know what it mean but had to insert the disc in again. Then the copy continued but failed. I have attached the ImgBurn Logs. Can you tell me what the problems look like?


    ; ImgBurn Version - Log

    ; Saturday, 19 April 2008, 22:58:09

    ; \\****************************************//



    I 22:57:33 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 22:57:33 Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2)

    I 22:57:33 Total Physical Memory: 1,038,768 KB - Available: 497,848 KB

    W 22:57:33 Drive D:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size.

    I 22:57:33 Initialising SPTI...

    I 22:57:33 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 22:57:33 Found 1 DVD-ROM, 1 DVD

  10. disc your using has already been wrote to, try another blank

    Ok, I see where the problem is. You are probably talking about copy the Divx movie from HDD to DVDR. Actually I am talking about how to copy a Divx movie from a DVD disc to DVDR. I have a Divx disc and want to make a copy of it. What mode should I select? The source of the Divx movie is not in the HDD but in the DVD disc. Can I copy a Divx movie from disc to disc and how or I have to copy it to the HDD first?

  11. If you want to burn them directly - use the 'Device' as output instead of 'Image'.


    If you use 'Image' as output - then you need to shift to 'Write' mode after the creation of the image and then write them through that mode.



    After adding all Divx.avi files by browsing, I selected Device in the Output. But, I could not click on the Write button because it displayed Disc not Empty. However, I cannot take out the source disc before I can click on the Write button, right? What problem looks like? Why was I unable to click on the Write button after adding .avi files by browsing and selection of the Device in the Output?

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