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  1. i wondered why people call me "Golden Bollocks" :lol:

    turns out the resolve to my problem where a win 2k machine wouldnt boot and kept showing BSOD'S was 1 faulty RAM chip/module.

    took the duff 1 ( of 2 ) out, and hey presto, instant boot up , confimed this by changing the RAM over, and instant BSOD . im down to 256 instead of 512, but up and running again



    no fortune to be spent on a new PC.


    90 quid for a 256 DDR RAM chip is a bit steep, but laptops have always been more expensive than the desktop equivalent, so i dotn mind paying as its the first major problem over 3 years with this PC


    No having to try and resue data off the hdd, as its all still there :w00t: albeit it only 256 RAM now till the new chip arrives

  2. just a suggestion Shamus , check the ram modules out . the resolve to my problem in anotehr thread where a win 2k machine wouldnt boot and kept showing BSOD'S was 1 faulty RAM chip/module.

    took the duff 1 ( of 2 ) out, and hey presto, instant boot up , confimed this by changing the RAM over, and instant BSOD . im down to 256 instead of 512, but up and running again

  3. tommorrow (weds) is judgement day , place your bets. is it going to be


    A ) a fiver for a new external enclosure for the hdd,


    B ) 1000 pounds for a new decent PC .


    C ) a dead hdd, dead Laptop and divorce because i spent so much on such a stupid thing ( her words :o , she what cant program the video to record when we are out :lol: )

  4. Thanks Blu , thats always an option, albeit an expensive one over here .


    ive found the folder where all the desktop contents are stored .

    it should be in C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop, well at least it is in xp pro , i guess 2k is the same , but i dont ahve a 2k machine to play on for a day or 2


    for anyone else who didnt know as well , the location C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop is "C" = YOUR main drive and 'user" is what your logged on as . it could also be admin or guest


    sometimes its frightening how easy it is to overlook the obvious , as this proves the case with me <---------:whatever:

  5. well i have to wait till tuesday, till i can get the laptop back to the manufacturers to see if its completely terminal or wether the hdd is rescueable ( is that really a word ?) ( if not , it is in volvoland :thumbup: )


    what i need to know though , is ,if i can rescue the hdd, i can get a usb 2 external enclosure for a 2.5 inch drive and use it as another data drive . it wont boot the pc up as its usb (which is fine ) , but i really need to save .txt files that was on the desktop on that machine . they are mainly notes i've made over the years , things like settings in programs and the like .

    i should be able to go into any folder that was on it and copy/paste info from it ( theres not to much i need as i backed most of it up about 3 weeks ago) apart from desktop items for some reason :( .


    Can i recover any items that was on the desktop off this hdd ? the O/S was win2k pro. i dont know where win2k stores desktop items within windows, does anyone else know , any help will be much appreciated


    on the router side, the new one is working fine now , and currently i dont have the need for the wireless side of it as i only have this 1 pc whih is working off 1 of my old cards

    AVOID belkin routers, they are fookin rubbish , it kept overheating after 24 hours and had to be cooled down before it would reboot this is the 3rd one that i have had from them and the problem is across the board , 2 was replacements from belkin under the lifetime garantee .At least this on has been on for 42 hours now :) a netgear dg834g only 53quid all in :w00t: and you will never believe where from !! pcshitworld online, and collect from store . its still 89.99 in store


    Hi Alien

    things are fine here (apart from the reason for this thread), hope your doin fine as well ;)

  6. it goes from bad to worse

    ive lost a laptop due to some unknown fault , get blue screens of death before machine will boot up.

    tried booting from original 2k cd, and the damn thing still wont have it , so looks like 40gb of years of things gone for a ride


    then just when i resigned myself to it going tits up, the damn router packed up , so went and bought another type instead, and fook my luck, i get a faulty one :lol: , im only laughing because i cant cry anymore !!!


    finally gets pcshitworld to exchange it ( its only 24 hours old and they want to test it first :doh: ...winkers :whatever: ) and wait for it ............... its not compatable with my wireless cards , despite what it says on the box and min requirements , and im fooked if im paying out 70quid for another card when ive got 3 already that work fine .


    given the time of year, it looks like i now will have to do battle with the kids to get on this poxy machine now.


    worse part is, i finally managed to get the 2 machiens to network with each other wirelessly, it only took me 8 months to figure out between wank2k and wankxp oldpro .ah well, lifes a bitch and then you die :teehee:

  7. it is a worthwhile excersise to have it auto check for a newer version , obviously new things and features are implemented within the program all the time , and its easier for everyone to "self check" for newer versions than it is to try and make sure/ contact/comunicate to everybody that there is a new version available.


    to see if you are going to get auto check for new versions goto

    Tools button >Settings > Events and make sure " On Startup" check for program update is checked like below . then when a new version becomes available, you will get a pop up window informing you :thumbup:


  8. i have to be honest , i have stuck with TY 8x for over 18 months now, and the only failures have been in the write process, these amounting to less than 5 in over 350 discs ( about 1.4% ?)


    i know they are more expensive, and harder to get ( in some countries) than otehr brands , but i havent bought any other brand for over 18 months .i dont even buy other brands that use the TY dye in them , just the original type


    i would strongly recomend the use of Taiyo Yuden 8x full face printable {DV3139 at svp} as they seem to have been very stable and reliable for oevr 18 months now.( cant speak for the later 16x rated ones)

    i did use ritek till 8x discs was available, but even they was patchy at the time , and there 8x was just hit and miss for me


    >preaching mode over<

  9. as blutach above , any packet writing software can upset a burning prog . and the 2 most common bundled softwares a few years ago ( nero and eazycd creator) both came with packet writing stuff, which everyone installed along with the normal program .


    if you can drop the packet writer , great, as i do recall several of these type of progarms used to cause grief in the past with "other" types of burning software ;)


    given the cost of large external hdds, and dvd burners these days, i would be tempted to copy all files i wnated to burn to a folder on a large hdd, then fill a dvd up with them in 1 go when needed

  10. Isn't the burning engine much more reliable than Neros?


    in a nutshell, yes.


    hence the reason for ImgBurn . Nero falls down in many ways and one of them is its burning engine .

    the burning engine to ImgBurn was tested many many times in a previous program and its reliability was honed over a few years . what you get now is the culmination of several hundred thousand forum members testing ( if you like) and any flaws was corrected at the time they was reported .

  11. Corny

    sorry Grandad, i wasent here yesterday , so a belated happy birthday to ya :happybday:





    so you didnt prefer a George or an Andy then ? :lol:

  12. "Hot Gossip" was the resident band n the Kenny Everrit show, it featured some young piece named "Sarah Brightman" who ended up going serious with her singing doing theatre shows and the like, who just happened to marry Andrew Lloyd Webber ( filthfy rich ugly git) famous for being half of the team that wrote the majority of london west end

    theatre shows

    so i also think the TV show you reffered to was "the Kenny Everitt show".

    it was very differant at the time , being a bit crazy , hence the Hot Gossip band who wore hardly anything and did suggestive dance moves .Kenny Everrit being one of the more open "gay" figures on tv at the time when gay was not really mentioned on TV

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