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  1. Speaking of which...


    A song from Santa's Little Helpers (the real ones, not the mangy mutt on The Simmos)


    (To the tune of Jingle Bells)


    Ho ho fucking ho

    What a crocka shit

    We all work for Santa Clause

    We've had enuff, we quit


    We do all the fuckin work

    While he steals all the show

    So stick yer Christmas up yer arse

    Ho ho fucking ho






    you aint going to believe this, but i was thinking of posting the same song in the post before thumbup:


    so if i say "dilligaf" about holiday themes , you will know what i mean ;) good ol Kev :whistling:

  2. Came across this incredibly bizarre article:


    Locals instead have gotten creative, calling the animals "underground mutton" or "furry things."


    Cant say ive heard that one before about not mentioning rabbits. maybe Lfc can help , as he's down that way .

    certainly a good one if theyve gone to the trouble of changing the posters just for 1 small area though .


    as for " "underground mutton" or "furry things." . the first sounds like a refferal to illegal sex and the 2nd , well, if a rabbit comes out of "THAT" burrow, i dont want to go there :w00t:

  3. I wondered that but it came via an e-mail and after a while I decided that time spent considering gay sex for siamese twins was not best use of my day !!! =))


    Will amend it for you now tho ken jr :wink:


    attatched at the shoulder downwards :whistling:


    better than that though, what a mistake to make would be to tell your gay brother to go fook himself !!! ......................and if anyone has a smilie for that one they get a gold star :lol:

  4. I once had a painted toe nail in a can of coke :& . They gave me ?30 and 2 crates of coke


    did you complete the full set of 10 painted nails from the 2 crates, or did you ahve to use the ?30 and buy more cans to complete the set ? . i reckon you got 8 more in the crates and had to spend the ?30 ( and more of your own ) to find number 10 ? , bloody clever marketing by them i say

  5. Congrats on the return Lightning , its more than welcome :)




    excellent fast responce to the release of ImgBurn by you as well with ImgTool Classic version 0.91.6 :thumbup:



    it'd be nice if we had a program that could rip dvd's to isos, or files, and also burn them to dvd-/+r.. i guess that is just a crazy pipe dream though.


    yup, your right, its just a crazy dream your having . ImgBurn does what it says on the tin , "Burns Images" and nothing else . have a glance at this post


  6. ImgBurn is all about BURNING images , NOT reading/copying/ripping discs but BURNING them .


    Quick history lesson,

    Due to issues in the past, ImgBurn has been created from the burning part of a well known, now defunct program .THAT program is now defunct because it had the ability to read discs . For legal reasons, ImgBurn does not allow for reading from/of a disc , which is why

    it is only able to WRITE / BURN to disc. ;)

  7. I hope they (afterdawn) stop linking to the digital digest also. There is a lot of that in a certain forum.


    theres a lot of that linking happens here as well Cynthia :rolleyes: see HERE for a prime example

  8. just get a larger memeory card and save yourself a load of messing trying to convert and downsample

    im guessing your card is a reduced size dual voltage mmc , which is what most of the new nokias come with .

    in which case a 128 mb one is ?12-13 with post and a 256mb is around ?18-19 with post

    if its any other sort of card it will probably be even cheaper, as the new rs-dv-mmc ones are the latest , hence the dearest

  9. Alright, maybe Volvo already had said something similar, I wouldn't know cause I'd put him on ignore right away as I said I would so any comment targeted at me was pretty much pointless ;)


    nice contradiction . " Maybe Volvo said something similar " followed by "I wouldnt know "


    maybe if you HAD read THIS POST , youd see that i was trying to inform you what was reffered to ...................but then as you have me on ignore, you wont see this will you ? ;)


    and you wont see that i asked you if your program if Open Source either ?.


    but then if i said your a typical stereotype German ( quite arrogant) , then youd probably see that though ........................oops i forgot, im on ignore :eyebrow:

  10. What did I link to last time?


    well how many links are there in your sig , and what does it say ?


    " Tools n' guides to automate/enhance the process of "????? whats does the next 2 words say ? , come on dude, you aint that thick ;)

  11. ahh, i see now, C+W means Cuntry and Western , i always thought it meant c*nts and winkers because an ex boss of mine once said to me " Go and stand with the winkers over there to the right " and i said im not a winker, and he said, well go and stand with the c*nts over there on the left then , and C+W always reminded me of him

  12. thank you for the replies everyone :thumbup:


    the reason for wanting to do this was mainly because i already have the equipment, and i find myself working off the 2 differant machines . often editing video camera stuff, which is a bit intensive and resource hungry on the spec machines i have .i often do a bit, save it, then go back to it the next day to do a bit more.

    Both machines only have 40gb hdd's in them , which is enough for each job i do, but i find im using the external 200gb drive more often than not, as the I/O with the firewire drive is quicker than the internal drives themselves ( both drives are laptop 2.5inch drives and have low I/O speeds)

    whilst i have 1 machine doing editing, the kids like to use the other one, and save pictures they draw, or do school homework and save it, so its handy to be able to just switch from 1 pc to another and change the ext drive over so i can just carry on.

    thats the main reason behind my asking the question oriinally.


    both machines are on a wireless router, but i never figured out how to make a wireless network. it got confusing as 1 was on win2k and the other on xp pro . Due to the fact 1 is a laptop that gets moved around, a wired network between the 2 would be inconvenient .

    i do like the look of that shared network drive , and i already have the router, but by the time i get 2 decent hdd's and the actual drive box it becomes expensive for what i want ( would like) it to do , although its a tempting device to buy :)

    the main problem with moving my current ext drive about is the I/O speed of the computers, as it takes about 20 minutes to transfer 2gb from the pc's to the ext drive

  13. ?1 a litre = ?4.50 an imperial gallon =

    US $7.98 , AU$ 10.55 , Dkk49.51

    and thank fook im not in Italy , cause if they still had Lire id be paying almost 13,000 a gallon :ermm:


    iys about time some clever fook found how to make a car run on piss, after all theres plenty of that about and its free :lol: performance cars would have to run on alcoholics piss

  14. heres the question

    i have a 200gb external hdd in a 6 pin firewire and usb 2 case with its own mains power supply.

    is it possible to connect this drive to 2 computers at the same time without causing any damage ?

    i normally use the firewire 1394 connection, and you can daisy chain 21 devices with it .( neither machine has usb 2) 1 machine uses a 6 pin to 4 pin cable ( laptop), and the other uses the 6 pin to 6 pin cable

    also, i use this drive on both machines individually with no problems at all


    rather than network 2 x pc's , which i would only use to transfer files about, do you think it would be possible to link this drive to both machines at the same time , and in effect use tis as the network connection . only for transferring files between the 2 machines.


    i could just connect it and see what happens, but it could damage 1 or 2 pc's and/or the drive itself , so advise would be welcome please

  15. you can have hours of fun sedning texts by bluetooth, specially in crowded areas .

    half the fun is watching to see who received it lol.


    certain nokia's have poor battery life when bluetooth is left on as well , especially symbian phones.



    nice looking phone snazz, probably the best phone nokia ever did was the slide action one "banana phone" 10 years ago, hope this is as good for you

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