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  1. IMG has a better menu set up! GUI is an important standard these days and it makes or breaks software. IMG has way more features and all of the logs are very helpful. Just a thought...sites that rely on screenshots to show their programs in action seem cheap and often are trial versions or install other unwanted tid-bits.
  2. maybe for small apps in the immediate future, but in the long run there will be nothing for them. 32 bit will go by the way side just like 16bit has
  3. well as lightning uk said his dev tools dont support x64 and might not for some time. hopefully when it does there could be a possibility of a x64 version, but alas, only timme will tell. my bet is that by 2015 there wont be anymore x86 apps being written for consumers and it will become an enthusiast hobby if anything. by that time the corporate world will have gained a better understanding of program architecture and 128bit processors in servers will be the next big thing 128bit uses I believe this is the processor to take us there eventually Itanium now, this is all great on the technological advances side of things and is completely unrelated to IMG in anyway and will probably never be useful for creating normal cds and dvds. Though, next gen OD's such as Blueray and HD dvds might benefit from this as more instructions will be capable of being processed and executed in a lesser time frame. now if only the hardware can catch up to our theorys...
  4. when you run a version of windows that is 64 bit it will allow 64 bit programs full access to the 64 bit processor and 32 bit programs will get access to half of that. So there really isnt a 32 bit "compatibility" mode rather its virtualization from the start. its stupid how they do it but it saves lots of hassle from standard users not knowing what run x64 and what runs x86. so to answer your question there isnt a way to run it like that and its technically running it in a compatibility mode as is.
  5. Chewy, i dont think vista is making it sluggish since ive been using vista and IMG since the vista technical beta started 2 years ago. The 32bit version works fine with Vista and Server 2008 but both x64 versions are sluggish, and i dont think its lack of drivers for my ODD. Its a SATA drive and fairly new. LIGHTNING UK!, I'm sorry to hear that its not currently possible with the dev. tools you're using. When it is you should totally go for it though! it might be a total pain but will be worth it in the long run. Microsoft has officially announced they will not be creating another 32bit OS and everything will be moving x64 in the next 2 years. Just some thoughts...
  6. Does anyone know if there would be huge gain if there were a 64 bit version of IMG? Im running Vista Ultimate x64 and IMG works but seems a bit sluggish. Provided Im running this on a VAIO laptop, but still you would think that the x86 version would work fine with a c2d and 4gigs of ram.
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